Frequently Asked Questions

Covering Your Assets specializes in helping business owners, and we see a lot of clients who started off doing their own books. They come and see our team when the job becomes too big.

There are so many things an accountant or bookkeeper can do for a business, but here are some key areas where they’ll help:

  • Clean up books once and for all
  • Complete taxes really well – and on time
  • Improve invoicing and cash flow

We believe that our customer service and years of experience sets us apart. Our first priority is to effectively communicate with our clients on a consistent and frequent basis. This is key for us to reach success with the companies we serve.  Additionally, we proactively strategize to provide the best business advice and tax planning to allow our clients to maximize their profits.

To efficiently help clients with their business goals, we require access to source documents — either in electronic or hard copy form. Common documents include, but are not limited to, bank statements, credit card statements, sales systems (POS), software (i.e. Quickbooks), inventory, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Depending on their level of expertise, we will train clients on how to prepare these documents. What we require from them will be customized to meet their unique business.

We complete a consultation with every client to determine their needs. Pricing will be discussed after their initial consultation.

Tax laws are always changing. We stay up to date by reading journals, newsletters and by taking continuing education as required by our firm.

We store a copy of client tax returns and the working papers to prepare the return electronically for seven years. We recommend that they keep their copy of their return and original documents for the same time period.